Embed Code Videos - YouTube

This is something that is able to be implemented into most of our modules. The exceptions being the email forms and image galleries. Embed code boxes allow us to display information in a way that is unique to where the code was grabbed from. For example, if you wanted to showcase your YouTube video of your company out doing a job; you would copy the embedded code and place it within the code box when adding content to the site. The embed code portion works for videos and for scripts.

Below is an example of how embed code can be displayed on a site using a YouTube video. The first one is added using embed code. The second one added is using the YouTube button within the content box. When adding the second one, you have more settings to make the video responsive on your site. When adding this one you will click on the icon that looks like a play button, you will add the url to the url spot and click on the checkbox that states "Make Responsive".


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