The "PayPal Make A Payment" module is a great module for collecting your payments for invoices, products, or even deposits on services. The module allows for you to choose up to 8 ammounts clients can prechoose for making payments, OR you can have it set up so clients can input their invoice number and their amount owed and click "Make A Payment". If you do not fill out preset amounts, the module will list Other as an option (as displayed below) this allows clients to enter in the amount on their invoice and the invoice number to make the payment.

*Please note - you are able to choose from many different country currencies - the following are the current countries listed.

U.S. Dollars, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Czech Koruna, Danish Kroner, Euros, Hong Kong Dollars, Hungarian Forint, New Zealand Dollars, Norwegian Kroner, Polish Zlotych, Pounds Sterling, Singapore Dollars, Swedish Kronor, Swiss Francs, Yen.

When clients choose their ammount (or enter their own & invoice number) and click on "Make a Payment" button, they will then be prompted to a PayPal checkout screen.

Once they review the amount, they can then click on the continue button and follow the prompts for checking out.

It is that simple!

*Please note - you will need to have a PayPal account to use this module. The accounts can be set up easily by going to PayPal Create An Account

Please type in an amount.

Invoice Number:
*Note: All prices are in CAD

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