Paypal Enhanced

This module is similiar to the paypal module except with a few enhanced features.

This is an amazing module for anyone who is choosing to sell products! There are Category options, Item Searches, you can list the products Alphabetically, there is a shopping cart and the ability to share the product as a link to friends and family! With the display, we can have the images show up as small medium or large. This will filter how the store items look on the page. Currently for this example we are using the Medium image width setting. Your product listing is able to have more than one image to with it. Many clients will use this module if they are selling clothing, jewelry, soaps ect that do not have a price change when choosing different sizes. * IF you need a store that will have responsive pricing - meaning as you filter through the options of sizes ect the price changes - please view our "Online Store" module.

When adding items to the cart - once you add an item to the cart, a new tab will open in your browser. This tab is your PayPal shopping cart. You can add more quantity or remove quantity here. This tab can be closed out of while looking at other products on the page. Once you add a new product, the tab will open up again and be updated with your new items as well as the ones you have previously added!

When checking out with this module, you will be promted to a PayPal checkout ( this is the tab that shows you your cart, add/remove items ). You will then be able to checkout using a PayPal account or checkout without a PayPal account. Choosing without will prompt you to enter your country, billing details, shipping details if different from billing, and will also give you the option to create a PayPal account if you would like to.


item image alt
$6.50 CAD
$9099.00 CAD
$9099.00 CAD

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