This is a mini calendar

This is the "Mini Calendar" module. This module is great for users to display any events that may be happening during the month.

One of the great things about this module is that if you have an event that is a few days long but have something else going on at another location during those days, you can add them to the calendar too!

You are also able to add an RSS feed that clients can subscribe to, to keep up to date on any new event postings.

Below are some examples of how the information is displayed when using the calendar.

As you can see when events are added into the calendar they will display below the calendar with the event date time and details about the event. There is also an option to not display the time, however the options are there for you if you would like to use them. Also, no need to worry if you added something incorrectly, there is an option to edit the event!

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