Enhanced Email Form

The enhanced email form is similar to the email form but has more feature. The features include sections, email management and columns.

The example is how it looks without sections and two column layout.

When viewing the example below, you will see that within this display of the enhanced form, it is simply just the questions. There are no sections that separate where the information is. With the enhanced form module without sections, there is still also a portion where you can manage email, this section allows users to input more than one email address. This allows visitors to choose who they wish to send their email to. Currently for this example we do not have manage email enabled. The example below shows what an email form would look like if sending to only one address.

With the example below, it is the very simplistic version of the Enhanced Form module. Any question you wish to display can have the ability to make it a required question. Meaning in order for the form to be sent to the email address all Astrick fields must be filled in (*) and the verification field must be entered.

This form is great to use as a contact form to allow visitors to send a quick message to the website owner to either ask for a callback or inquire about services without having to fill out a longer form.

The current display is for example purposes only.

To view the "Enhanced Form With Sections" please click Here

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