Enhanced Email Form

The enhanced email form is similar to the email form but has more features. The features include sections, email management, csv export and columns.

The example is how it looks with sections, email management and two column layout.

When viewing the example below, you will see that using the sections checkbox allows you to display the information smoothly while breaking it down between personal information - like contact, your optional address, other information section - which can be used to find out what services the client is looking for, and allowing separation for a comment field. There is also a portion where you can manage email, this section allows users to input more than one email address. This allows visitors to choose who they wish to send their email to. To see the options please expand the drop down box above the contact information section to switch between the available receivers. Please note - you can have more than what is currently displayed. The current display is for example purposes only.

You are not limited to how many sections you can have, quite a few clients prefer this look and feel, however if you are just looking for quick and easy name phone email and message you can also do this without enabling the sections checkbox. To view the form without section separation, please look at the next module in the current module list "Email Form Without Sections"

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