PDF Viewer

The "PDF Viewer" module is a great module for clients who have many different documents they wish to display.

The great thing about the PDF Viewer module is that visitors do not need to download or save the pdf to view it! They can read it right on the site. There is still the options to download and save the pdf if the visitor wishes but now they do not need to have ADOBE or another program to be able to view the documents. Many clients who have extensive training pdfs for employees to go through will set up a section on their site where they can reference these documents.

There are two options to view for the PDF Viewer. The first option is single view. this means only one pdf file will be displayed at a time one ontop of another. OR there is the Column view. This view allows multiple PDF documents to be displayed in groups of 2.

Please view the samples below to see the different style layouts of the pdf viewer.

PDF Viewer Column View

It appears you don't have a PDF plugin for this browser. No biggie... you can click the link below

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