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Standard Content

The “Standard Content” module is the most flexible tool your website has to offer. With this module you can have your content laid out in a variety of ways. Although this module is the most verbose, it is also the easiest module to understand. Use this module to display image and text or to upload files.


Tulips in a field
Click image to enlarge


This is one of the ways you are able to layout content using the "Standard Content" module. You can have a heading (above), you can place the image to the right of the text with a caption underneath it, and then continue to build the content within the editing box. When using this module, you are also able to use other tools while editing; such as bullet points, adding videos (youtube), adding maps (GoogleMaps).

There are also different heading styles you can use while adding/editing content using this module.

We also have Image Effects - this allows movement of  the images within the standard content module. please mouse over the images to see a few examples of our image effects.

picture of thors hammer
Thors Hammer... I expected more..

Heading 2

"Standard Content" module also allows you to place the images to the left of the text.

You are also able to change text size, font style, text colour and choose whether or not you wish to Bold,  Italicize, or Underline the text.

When choosing text size, you can choose through sizes

8 (very small)  to medium size text
18 (medium) to very large text
36(large) and can go all the way to size 72 (XL)

Butterfly Rainbow
Butterfly Rainbow

Heading 3

The last layout option for images under the "Standard Content" module would be for adding pictures centered to the text. This will allow for the image to be above the text like so.

When adding images you are able to add either image titles (hover over image) or captions (text below images as pictured here) (both image titles and captions have been enabled for your viewing - please mouse over the image and pause - this will allow title to show up)

the text can be left aligned

center aligned

or right aligned

Heading 1 size

Heading 2 size

Heading 3 size

Heading 4 size

Heading 5 size
Heading 6 size
Formatted Heading Size
Address Size

Normal (div) size
this ia a picture of a lion
This is a lion


If you would like to request access to this demo, please visit for a user name and password.


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